Ultralight Fishing Rods | What Length Should I Use?


The question “What length Ultralight Fishing Rods should I be using?” comes up very often accross internet forums that I frequent. The answer isn’t easy however. There are a few things to consider when it comes to length and ultralight fishing rods. If you haven’t yet, take a look at our other post, What Makes A Quality Ultralight Fishing Rod. In that post, I describe to you what you should be looking for while buying. Once you have gotten that figured out, you are ready for the lesson on ultralight fishing rods and how length effects everything.

Some people believe that you must use a short rod, 4′6″ to 5′0″ in order to have the most whip and backbone action to get the baits the furthest. This is a common misconception however. Ultralight Fishing Rods in this length are usually used solely for creek fishing, or places where there is a lot of overhead hanging cover for lures and line to get tangled in. Rods this short in length provide precise lure placement, but you must practice to get it correct. The short length also provides the shortest casting distance of all the ultralight fishing rods.

Rods that come in the range of 5′6″ to 6′0″ are found in the middle in terms of balance. Their whippy tip still allows a decent casting distance, much greater than that of a 4′6″ rod. The length of it allows for more backbone as well, which helps while setting the hook, and applying pressure to the fish. This is a general use rod, and most people will get away with using 6′0″ ultralight fishing rods. They provide precise lure placement, although after more practice than is required with a shorter 4′6″ rod.

The longest of the ultralight fishing rods, 6′6″ and up provide the greatest casting distance. You can get an ultralight lure going so far, that it is almost hard to see the little thing. These long ultralight fishing rods are not for tight places where precise placement is needed, however. You can get away with using the length as a flipping stick, flipping and pitching light jigs into places … but this is a technique really geared torward heavier line usage. Not really reccomended on ultralight fishing rods. These long rods are also good for topwater, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and other moving baits that benefit from having an extra long casting distance.

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